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With substantial academic and industrial experience Dr. Stefano Brianza (CEO, Founder) and Dr. Ute Wiesemann (Quality and Regulatory) believe in lean and evidence-based product development.

Biomech Innovations – Startup of the month January

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Big leaps in bone fracture treatment have been possible thanks to technological advancement promoting healing after the first surgical treatment and thus reducing the complication and co-morbidity rates. From conservative treatment to internal fixation and from non-locking to locking technology: Progressions 50 and 20 years ago demonstrate how technological advancements and related education can bring a substantial improvement in fracture treatment outcome and a significant saving for healthcare systems.


Despite this progress, healing complications still arise and are very expensive. In e.g. on average in Switzerland 10% of distal femoral fractures account for 65% of total related healthcare costs.


Population aging is quickly changing the requirements for medical devices. We need more effective solutions because in the coming years we can expect:


  1. A substantial increase in the number of treatments,

  2. An exponential increase in the number of complications, and

  3. A not sustainable increase of costs allocated to trauma patients.

The product

Biomech Innovations has developed Variable Fixation, the novel locking screw technology based on mechanobiology principles. Variable Fixation Locking Screws (VFLS    ) provide rigid fixation followed by progressive fracture dynamization, when they matter. Gradually transitioning from one fixation method to the other, they increase the chance to trigger the fracture healing process and promote the formation of larger amount of bone callus. Implanted with existing surgical techniques and instruments this technology is virtually compatible with all locking technologies and doesn't require any investment in equipment.


Status and next steps

Biomech Innovations AG is ISO 13485:2016 certified. Their first product, the 5.0 mm Variable Fixation Locking Screw is CE marked. In Q1 2020 we start clinical activity with prestigious academic trauma centres and limited launch exporting in selected European countries.



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Together with our partners, we portray selected young companies. Our goal is to build a bridge between established and emerging companies and help bring together what belongs together. On the left you can see the current startup of the month (Start August 2018). Earlier portrayed startups can be found here.


Bern is a hotspot of the Medtech scene. As part of the HighFlyer program, be-advanced AG operates an accelerator for high-tech startups with a focus on Medtech. In addition to SME coaching, be-advanced accompanies companies individually through the entire lifecycle, thus promoting their innovative strength and competitiveness.

Switzerland Innovation Park Biel / Bienne AG assists innovative startups and SMEs to accelerate their development of ideas and translate research results into marketable solutions. They also help clients find suitable research partners and successfully acquire funding. Various project programmes and workshops are offered to impart specific medtech knowledge. Customers also have access to useful infrastructure like coworking spaces, FABLAB, cleanrooms, as well as electronics and mechanics laboratories.

Contact Person

Project leader is Dr. Heiko Visarius, also Head-Coach at be-advanced. He is the contact for all your questions, comments and suggestions and relates specifically to the companies portrayed here.

Project Manager
Heiko Visarius


Swiss Medtech, be-advanced and Switzerland Innovation Park Biel / Bienne simplify the interface between innovative start-up companies and established medical technology companies.

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