Advanced Osteotomy Tools AG - Startup of the month February

26th February 2019

The Advanced Osteotomy Tools AG (AOT) has developed and patented the world's first medical robot that can cut bone without direct contact using a cold laser procedure.

Robotic surgery is in vogue. Various systems are touted under this term, although they are telemanipulators or positioning aids, in which the actual surgical activity continues to be performed by the medical professional using conventional instruments. The robot is a rigid system and cannot balance any movements of the patient, which endangers patient safety. AOT is convinced that robotic surgery has to be contact-free. The laser enables the use of a robot. There is at no time a mechanical instrument in the patient and the incision can be interrupted if necessary, at the speed of light.

The product

CARLO® stands for "Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotomes". The system consists of a tactile and certified medical robot, a laser head with a specially developed bone cutting laser and a navigation system or the software. It is 100% digital from the planning to the execution of the cut. The heart of CARLO® is the laser head.

Until now it was impossible to use a laser for bone cutting in surgery. Too big was the risk of necrotizing the surrounding bone tissue. AOT has succeeded in modulating the laser so that the cut is cold. The bone remains intact. The cut particles that enter the blood channels with conventional instruments are ejected. The bone cut heals faster. Another advantage is the arbitrary implementation of functional cutting geometries, which allows the use of

bioresorbable implants instead of solid metal implants. The cutting instrument - the laser - is also always sharp and sterile and the cut is non-contact and of "superhuman" precision. Cutting templates are unnecessary.

AOT's management team is convinced that not only will CARLO® actually improve the actual bone section, but that additional digital technologies will be used over the next few years on this digital platform. One example is "real-time tissue analysis" of tumor interventions using artificial intelligence.

The team

The team (from left to right) consists of individuals with many years of experience in finance and business processes (Daniel Kronberger, CFO), Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs (Andreas Meschberger, CQM), laser technology and patenting (Alfredo Bruno, co-founder and CSO) and MedTech Product Development (Cyrill Bätscher, CEO).


Cyrill Bätscher, CEO

+41 61 201 10 10

Status and next steps

Several preclinical studies and technical tests have been successfully completed. The application for a first-in-man study in Switzerland is being reviewed by Swissmedic. An extension of the study with interested hospitals in Austria and Germany is well on its way. Product launches and internationalization are ongoing discussions with investors (2nd Close C1 financing or D round). The AOT is also preparing for initial talks with the US FDA.

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