Piavita - Startup of the month August

13th August 2019

Piavita is a Swiss-based medtech company that brings veterinary medicine into the 21st century. The company offers an innovative system for monitoring and recording vital signs of horses

The product

The Piavet system provides live vital data from horses. It minimizes the equipment needed to obtain the information the veterinarian needs to make a safe, evidence-based decision. The system is suitable, for example, for remote monitoring in the isolation box or colic monitoring, in cases of suspected cardiac arrhythmia or for monitoring during sedation. Respiration, heart rate and temperature are continuously recorded and sent to the veterinarian.

The team

Today, the company employs more than 35 people from over twelve countries. They all share the same vision: the development and implementation of high-tech medical devices to support veterinarians in their daily work.


Dorina Thiess, CEO


Status and next steps

Piavita was able to equip its first leading equine clinics in Europe and the USA with their Piavet system in the past six months. Further growth is planned - in the existing markets and beyond. Contacts with horse doctors, but also pharmaceutical and insurance contacts in the veterinary scene are helpful in expanding the customer base. Likewise, growth financing is scheduled towards the end of 2019.

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