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Updated: May 1, 2019

29th April 2019

Navigation systems for intraoperative support of the surgeon have been around for decades. However, their prevalence in clinical practice has so far been limited by two factors, namely the cost of acquisition and the cumbersome handling in the operating room with limited space. The company Naviswiss wants to address both limitations with its navigation system.

The product

Naviswiss has launched one of the smallest and most cost-effective navigation systems for use in orthopedics on the market. It gives the orthopedist a miniaturized tool to support the implantation of an artificial hip joint as planned. The handset is much smaller, easier to use and more cost effective than traditional navigation systems. These advantages benefit the orthopedic surgeon and the clinic, as well as the patients. Deviations are reduced to a minimum, which reduces the likelihood of complications and long-term consequences. This not only limits the cost of the treatment, but also increases the life of the hip implant and the quality of life of patients.

Prof. Schroeder-Boersch uses the system regularly and is convinced: "Naviswiss simplifies surgical navigation in order to improve quality. The surgeon has full control over the handset and receives the results immediately. In addition, a complete documentation of the operation is created.

The team

The team of CEO Jan Stifter is interdisciplinary and has expertise in engineering, medicine, marketing / sales and more.


Jan Stifter, CEO

Christian Calame, Marketing & Sales

Status and next steps

In 2018, Naviswiss received the CE approval and launched the product in the market. Users in Europe and Australia have already used the system routinely. In addition to approval and marketing in other markets, Naviswiss is focusing its efforts on the further development of the navigation system as well as on well-functioning procurement and sales logistics. The next major steps will be the US launch in late 2019 and Japan in 2020.


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