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Updated: Nov 6, 2018

1st November 2018

certus diagnostics develops, produces and distributes molecular biological rapid tests for the fast and reliable detection of viruses, fungi and bacteria. Regardless of the field of application, be it for the detection of infectious diseases in humans and animals or for the detection of microbiological contamination of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc., today there are basically two options: Utilizing a rapid test or externally sample examination in a complex procedure. In the first case, the reliability of the result is often inadequate, while in the second case, the processing takes several days to weeks and causes corresponding costs.

certus diagnostics - the product

Based on the technology developed by certus diagnostics, a first product for the detection of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures is on the market (certus QC - mycoplasma). Customers are companies that work with cell lines and cultures. Further products in the area of microbiological quality control for the detection of contaminations in clean rooms and sterile products are currently under development. certus diagnostics is also working to develop molecular biology rapid tests for customer-specific applications.

certus diagnostics - the team

Today, more than 30 employees work at the company headquarter in Bern to develop and market the most innovative medical devices. A dynamic and international team of highly trained engineers as well as lean structures and processes enable the development of these revolutionary precision technologies in a very short time.

certus diagnostics - Status and next steps

In the long term, certus diagnostics wants to establish itself as a leading international supplier of molecular biological rapid tests. For this purpose, an initial product portfolio in the field of microbiological quality control will be established, which enables the company to achieve long-term growth. The startup is now looking for customers, distribution and development partners to establish and expand their portfolios. Further fields of application of the technology are currently planned.


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