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Updated: Nov 6, 2018

1st October 2018

CAScination is a rapidly growing medical technology company based in Bern. The spin-off of the university was founded with the aim of enabling new minimally invasive treatments through surgical navigation and robotics. This can significantly improve the quality of life of patients. With CAS-One®, CAScination has launched a navigation system for stereotactic tumor ablation to combat cancer. In the meantime, over 2,000 patients have benefited from this minimally invasive and reliable treatment. With HEARO®, the second highly innovative product for minimally invasive treatments is now nearing market launch.

CAScination - the product

HEARO® is a navigation-based surgical robot that drills high-precision access to the middle ear. Cochlear implants can be reliably implanted into the cochlea through the small drill canal. Thanks to this minimally invasive procedure, patients with severe hearing loss can be helped, which has a positive effect on their everyday lives and quality of life. The robotics system was developed from the ground up for microsurgical applications in collaboration with the University of Bern and the hearing implant company MED-EL and is currently the most accurate surgical robot on the market (target accuracy of 0.2mm at the ear). Thanks to the lightweight design and the consistent use of latest production methods, the robot can be attached directly to the operating table and provides a platform for further areas of application.

CAScination - the team

Today, more than 30 employees work at the company headquarter in Bern to develop and market the most innovative medical devices. A dynamic and international team of highly trained engineers as well as lean structures and processes enable the development of these revolutionary precision technologies in a very short time.

CAScination - Status and next steps

The precision robot will now be further developed for other applications in which it provides added value for physicians and patients. Especially in the field of neuro and spine surgery, CAScination observes a great need to achieve better results with minimally invasive approaches. As with the HEARO product, CAScination does not choose to go straight to product development, but wants to launch a new solution in cooperation with an established industrial partner. In this context, the company is looking for partners from the Swiss implant industry!

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